The AVS Product Acceptance Program

The Australian Vegetarian Society Product Acceptance Program is a means of endorsing products and companies as being legitimately vegetarian. It consists of either/or of two parts:

1. A Symbol which shows that the product is vegetarian as endorsed by the Society.

2. Corporate Membership of the Society.

The Symbol

The symbol represents the imprimatur of the Australian Vegetarian Society (NSW). The symbol is a statement of fact. It means that the product it appears on has been approved by the Australian Vegetarian Society and is safe for vegetarians to eat or use.

About the Program

A growing proportion of the Australian market is moving towards a vegetarian diet. Motivations of the consumer not to eat meat or to eat less meat stem from the prime concerns of health and dietary factors, cruelty to animals and environmental issues. The Symbol simply provides the public with a instant method of recognising which products are acceptable for vegetarians and concerned consumers. The Symbol will provide for products' similar recognition as other health endorsers. Recognition that is an independent guarantee that your product is genuinely suitable for vegetarians.

The Vegetarian Product Acceptance Program represents a unique marketing opportunity. Public awareness of the Symbol will be generated through the website of the Australian Vegetarian Society which will show the consumer what products endorse the symbol and the implications of the symbol to the consumer. The Symbol is a valuable marketing tool for any company that wishes to provide their consumers with knowledge that their brand’s labelling is, in fact, correct and not misleading.

  • Increase your product's sales
  • Generate consumer awareness
  • Enhance your brand's image
  • Improve the export potential of your product
  • Make your brands a 'must buy' for anyone reducing their meat intake
  • Appeal to ethnic and religious groups

For more information please contact us.

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