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Many people are thinking of increasing their consumption of vegetarian foods and either eliminating meat and animal products completely or at least drastically reducing their intake of meat. But for those brought up with "meat and two veg" dinners, there is a great reluctance to take what for them is such a drastic step because there is a perception that vegetarian foods lack the flavours, textures, and nutrients provided by a non-vegetarian diet.

But what is a vegetarian diet, and is it really true that vegetarian food is bland, uninteresting, and lacking in essential nutrients? And, what is the impact of a vegetarian diet on our health, and the health of our children? In this book we explore the reasons why many people are becoming vegetarians, what sorts of vegetarian foods are available, whether vegetarian food is indeed lacking in nutrients that are necessary for growth and wellbeing during the different phases of our lives as some believe, and whether we are more or less likely to develop degenerative diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer if we become vegetarians. It is hoped that, when you have read this book, you will be better able to choose whether to remain a meat and two veg person, increase your intake of vegetarian food, or leave meat out of your diet completely.

About Professor Alfred Poulos PhD, LLB, GDLP

Born in Australia of parents from the Greek island of Kastellorizo (Megisti) in the Aegean Sea, Professor Alfred Poulos has a PhD from London University and a law degree from Adelaide University. The latter university awarded him a professorship for his research into genetic diseases, fats and fat metabolism.

Professor Poulos has worked in universities, hospitals, and research institutes in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Australia. His most recent appointment was as a Chief Medical Scientist at the Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital in Adelaide, South Australia, a position he held for many years.

A widely respected scientist, researcher, author and public speaker, Professor Poulos has published over 150 papers in international scientific and medical journals. He has written books for consumers on fish oils, organic food, milk and dairy, weight loss, and olive oil. The Silent Threat, a book about the effects of various contaminants in our food and water on health and wellbeing was published in 2005.

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Cost: $10 plus postage. For orders and more information contact the author at…

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